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Obituary: Hanif Mohammed

Obituary: Hanif Mohammed

The legend's death sparked an inevitable discussion about whether he ranked above Miandad, Inzamam and Younis as Pakistan’s greatest batsman. read more

Obituary – Kenneth Higgs

Off a gently curving run-up of no more than 15 strides, the England paceman of the read more

Ben Duckett – Cricketer of the Year 2017

A standard-bearer for 360-degree English batsmanship, he has batted with panache, impish ingenuity, confidence and read more

Obituary – Martin Crowe

He was a joy to watch – “part dancer, part fencer, part keen-eyed executioner" - and his columns read more

Obituary: Richie Benaud

Probably his greatest influence on cricket emerged from a private meeting in 1977, when he agreed to lend his name and voice to World Series Cricket

The family Pakistan cannot play without

The feats of the Mohammad brothers are so unique they cannot be qualified, and world cricket is the richer for it

Wisden Almanack: Hanif's five best knocks

A look back at five of the top Test innings by the original little master

Hanif Mohammad – Cricketer of the Year 1968

The 'little master' hears the public, reads the Press and proceeds precisely as before. To him there is only one side to the argument: Pakistan first, last and for ever.

Obituary – Tom Graveney

Stylish former England captain scored 11 Test hundreds and remains among the top 20 run-getters in county cricket.

Obituary – Arthur Morris

One of the most well-liked cricketers, he topped the run charts of the 1948 Invincibles, topping even Bradman

Obituary – Brian Close

One of the enduring characters of English cricket, he was proof that some cricketers are far more than the sum of their statistics

Kane Williamson: Leading Cricketer of the Year 2015

Williamson scored eight hundreds, 14 fifties, 309 fours and – as if to surprise those who might have been blinded by his orthodoxy – 14 sixes.

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