• R Kaushik

    by R Kaushik
In Kohli, our best friends have a best friend

In Kohli, our best friends have a best friend

The Indian captain and Anil Kumble, among others, are the genuine packages, who do their bit for the less privileged without asking for publicity read more

Celebrating the better half

Whether it is Mirka Federer, Danielle de Villiers or Ongler, elite sportsmen have much to thank their read more

In Dhoni’s conduct is a lesson for prima donna Paes

In making a sad spectacle of himself, the Indian tennis hero has totally exploded the ‘team-man’ read more

Pujara, and the rewards of being a Test specialist

He may be out of sight and out of mind for the next two months with IPL read more

Dharamsala, the latest entrant into cricket’s drop-dead gorgeous club

Nature’s unalloyed beauty and man’s desire to maximise a god-given gift have given rise to picturesque stadiums from Newlands to Galle to Queenstown

Dhoni and Ranchi, Ranchi and Dhoni – an affair to celebrate

The aura around the city’s favourite son hasn’t diminished one bit despite the clock winding down on his storied career

A Bedi-Viswanath heart-to-heart, and breathing rarefied air

The BCCI Awards night was a gathering of so many runs, wickets and memories, those in attendance had to pinch themselves to remind that it wasn't a dream

Bevan to Guptill – white ball supermen who crumble before the red sphere of doom

Duo, along with Yuvraj and Raina, belongs to that group of punishing ODI batsmen who have struggled in whites

This day, that year – Tendulkar and his Wow Wednesday

All things about the little fella have been larger than life, but February 24, 2010 was one occasion where the achievement justified the hype

Jamshed, Sreesanth and others have no excuses

In this day and age, with so much awareness of the pitfalls of match-fixing, players can't be condoned for going astray

Gambhir's gesture deserves more than 100-word brief

By lending a helping hand to Dingko Singh, the one-time India opener has reminded us that we shouldn't always be cynical about sporting heroes

With Dravid, the virtues of less being more are always apparent

The India stalwart’s rejection of a doctorate and words on U-19 coaching stand starkly in contrast with some of the chief selector's utterings and the ICC’s inaction

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