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    by R Kaushik
No topping Sri Lankans on the charm offensive front

No topping Sri Lankans on the charm offensive front

From the smiling people to the delightful places, everything around the tiny teardrop island is infused with a dash of joie de vivre read more

Responsibility or burden, it’s Mithali Raj’s cross to bear

India’s batting will continue to bank on her till such time that is an active cricketer, read more

The Wankhede final will always define Dhoni, the man and the player

He couldn’t have known then that he would get the job done, but he would have read more

Giving up the captaincy, a thorny thread from Ganguly to AB

The opinions of Graeme Smith and Barry Richards on de Villiers quitting as skipper were reminiscent of read more

Easy to delete a tweet, tougher to put the fire out

Kohli’s statement in the Port of Spain press conference was a powerful one, but suggestive that things did happen in the dressing room

Dhoni’s guiding wisdom in Kohli’s team

The former captain’s wealth of experience has been gladly offered to his successor and as graciously accepted, making for a smooth transition

Djokovic to de Villiers – the greats humbled by the power of zero

The number, and everything it meant, bound together tennis and cricket stars; for some of them, it could mark a new starting point

Kohli v Kumble: Ganguly & Co left in the lurch

Having set the precedent of letting players have a say in coach selection, the BCCI seems happy to play along, it suits their interests too

The hunt for India’s coach begins again, but why exactly?

The Tendulkar-Laxman-Ganguly recommendation that Kumble be appointed for three years should have been enforced without going through the rigmarole again

Laxman, Dravid, Kumble – glorifying the game, and not just as cricketers

Given an opportunity to pass on their wisdom and expertise, these giants among men have gone at it with commitment and a sense of purpose

Pollard, one short run, and the strange aspect of cricket’s laws

Had Mumbai Indians won the match after the Trinidadian’s sharp practice, debates invoking cricket’s spirit would have been inevitable

BCCI attitude towards Kumble & Co smacks of arrogance

India has no support staff except the head coach right now, and even he hasn’t officially been told if he will continue beyond the Champions Trophy

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