There is something about April 18 that brings out the best in men, at least the cricket-playing kind. Naturally, Christopher Henry Gayle wasn’t going to be kept out of the April 18-party for long.

Returning for the Royal Challengers Bangalore after being dropped on account of poor form, the self-styled Universe Boss, who needed three runs to become the first man to score 10,000 runs in Twenty20 cricket before this game, reached the landmark after an outside edge dribbled towards third man for a single.

The landmark done, Gayle proceeded to own the night the way only he knows how. There followed a half-century raised in 23 balls and a fake gold-dust sprinkling on the bat as celebration. He faced another 15 balls to add 27 runs to that 50 before walking off with 77 off 38. In case you were wondering, he smashed seven sixes and five fours.

Twitter, expectedly, went ballistic, and this is what the current lot of players had to say.

The feat didn’t slip past the old timers either. Nah, not even the great Viv Richards.

When Gayle gets going, the statisticians have a ball.

Oh, and journalists tend to get as excited as kids in a candy store when he smashes them outta the park.

The Jamaican does force his opponents to bring everything. Brendon McCullum did, but then this happened.…