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Review: The one-percenters that go a long way

Review: The one-percenters that go a long way

Dean Jones’ Cricket Tips will enrich the education of every cricketer, established and aspiring read more

Review: 50 lessons on life, inspired by cricket

There is plenty to gain from ‘50 Not Out!’ by Harimohan Paruvu, with the former Hyderabad pacer read more

Review: Cricket’s strangest matches

While one generation’s ‘strange’ often becomes the next one’s quotidian, there’s always room for read more

Book review: A tribute to the many colours of Bombay cricket

Every page promises a story but a nuanced discussion about the cricket club culture of the city is missing

Been there, done that -- decoding the intricacies of cricket

Aakash Chopra's latest book offers a timely reminder that though the game is changing, the basics remain the same

Cricket from the sidelines, from the heart

V Ramnarayan's 'Third Man - Recollections from a life in cricket' will connect with average readers and connoisseurs

An eye on cricket, a heart in the game

Samir Chopra’s new book offers a fresh perspective and several interesting recollections using a light touch

Book review: Romance and reality of cricket’s outliers

Second XI by Tim Wigmore and Peter Miller is a reminder of the positive ramifications of an inclusive sport

An insider’s ‘jazba’ for Pakistan cricket

Review: Osman Samiuddin’s ‘The Unquiet Ones’ is a clear, passionate ode to the uniqueness of the country’s cricket

Review: After Tendulkar - The New Stars of Indian Cricket

A book on Indian cricket immediately post Sachin suffers from the lack of perspective that distance provides

The Tendulkar tome that could have been

Both the little big man and Pietersen have skimmed the surface, but refrained from addressing key issues

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