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Book review: A History of Indian Sport Through 100 Artefacts

Book review: A History of Indian Sport Through 100 Artefacts

Boria Majumdar’s book is a rich trove of information but leaves one wishing for a deeper dive into the socio-cultural changes accompanying evolving read more

Review: A magical mystery tour for the Indian cricket fan

The research of Giridhar and Raghunath is extensive, the flow compelling, the desire to dig deep and read more

Review: The one-percenters that go a long way

Dean Jones’ Cricket Tips will enrich the education of every cricketer, established and aspiring read more

Review: 50 lessons on life, inspired by cricket

There is plenty to gain from ‘50 Not Out!’ by Harimohan Paruvu, with the former Hyderabad pacer read more

Review: Cricket’s strangest matches

While one generation’s ‘strange’ often becomes the next one’s quotidian, there’s always room for the delightful, the bizarre and the extraordinary

Review: AB de Villiers, superstar who is humble in life and tome

In an autobiography that doesn’t elaborate every contentious topic, the deficit is made up by relatable tales and dispelling rumours

Book review: A tribute to the many colours of Bombay cricket

Every page promises a story but a nuanced discussion about the cricket club culture of the city is missing

Been there, done that -- decoding the intricacies of cricket

Aakash Chopra's latest book offers a timely reminder that though the game is changing, the basics remain the same

Cricket from the sidelines, from the heart

V Ramnarayan's 'Third Man - Recollections from a life in cricket' will connect with average readers and connoisseurs

An eye on cricket, a heart in the game

Samir Chopra’s new book offers a fresh perspective and several interesting recollections using a light touch

Book review: Romance and reality of cricket’s outliers

Second XI by Tim Wigmore and Peter Miller is a reminder of the positive ramifications of an inclusive sport

An insider’s ‘jazba’ for Pakistan cricket

Review: Osman Samiuddin’s ‘The Unquiet Ones’ is a clear, passionate ode to the uniqueness of the country’s cricket

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