20th Match | 18th April 2017 | Indian Premier League 2017
Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot, India

Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 21 runs

Target: 214

Gayle fireworks lead RCB to much needed win

McCullum Kishan make a good fist of 200 plus chase but Gujarat eventually fall 21 runs short

Chris Gayle (MoM): Good to be back among the runs and that too on special occasion. It's always good to entertain the fans and that's what I do best. To score 10, 000 runs in T20 is special and even after lot of people questioning my game, I knew I could bounce back. Even Shaun Pollock sent me pictures of my stance and everyone were talking about Chris Gayle, but then it's a good feeling to be back in the runs and we got to prepare well for the next game against Kolkata Knight Riders.
Virat Kohli, RCB Captain: Lot of straping on the shoulder. It's fit and fine and good to get those two points. When I got hurt, people thought it was just a run, but that's how I always play. Gayle came in for AB and he took the aggressive route, that helps me set in. We were 30 runs above par and that helps, Negi was outstanding and was brave pitching the ball in the right areas, lot of credit goes to him. The plus with Chahal is that he's not scared, even if he gets hit, yet picks wickets. That makes him valuable. If Gayle wants to boss around, he can. Everything in the arc is out of the park. That sort of cricket is incredible.
Player of the match - Chris Gayle
And that's the game! A much-needed win for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Batted beautifully with Gayle and Kohli setting the tone. Head and Jadhav carried on with the momentum and teed off at the right time. Beating Gujarat by 21 runs, it was game on till Baz went going and maybe a ray of hope after Kishan's breezy 16-ball 39, but it was the flurry of wickets on the middle that cost the Lions dearly. Presentation coming up soon, stay with us.
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 21 runs
GL - 192/7 (20.0 overs)
4 Runs
B Thampi : 0(1) A Tye : 6(6)
A Milne : 4-0-43-1 S Aravind : 4-0-53-1
19.6 A Milne to B Thampi, no run, banged short and whacks the grill of Thampi's helmet! It's all over for Gujarat as they go down fighting.
19.5 A Milne to A Tye, 1 run, length and punched to long on
Basil Thampi is the new batsman.
19.4 A Milne to I Kishan, OUT, banged short and mistimes the pull to hand Chahal and easy catch at extra covers! A brilliant knock comes to an end! I Kishan c Y Chahal b A Milne 39(16) [4s-2] [6s-4]
19.3 A Milne to A Tye, 1 run, full and on the leg and clipped to deep square leg
19.2 A Milne to A Tye, 2 runs, full and slapped to long on for a couple
19.1 A Milne to A Tye, no run, full and widish off stump
Adam Milne comes to bowl the next over.
GL - 188/6 (19.0 overs)
21 Runs
I Kishan : 39(15) A Tye : 2(2)
S Aravind : 4-0-53-1 T Head : 2-0-18-0
18.6 S Aravind to I Kishan, SIX, and a beauty from Kishan here! Dealing with sixes at the moment! The equation reading 26 off 6. This one clubbed over deep square leg!
18.5 S Aravind to I Kishan, no run,banged short and a tad slow and Kishan ducks!
18.4 S Aravind to I Kishan, SIX, low full toss and slapped away over deep mid-wicket! Six there!
18.3 S Aravind to I Kishan, no run, full and angling away from the off and a slash and a miss
18.2 S Aravind to I Kishan, FOUR, slower one outside off and slashed to deep backward point for a boundary
18.2 S Aravind to I Kishan, WIDE, full and going outside off
18.1 S Aravind to I Kishan, FOUR, and another Catch Dropped by Virat Kohli at long on! Secod time and Kohli tries to take the catch but fails to grab it! Boundary there
GL - 167/6 (18.0 overs)
11 Runs
A Tye : 2(2) I Kishan : 19(9)
T Head : 2-0-18-0 S Aravind : 3-0-32-1
17.6 T Head to A Tye, 2 runs, pitched flat and slow and a lofted shot to long on! Catch Dropped by Virat Kohli
17.5 T Head to A Tye, full and pitched in to Tye, who plonks his bat to block, no run,
Andrew Tye comes to the crease.
17.4 T Head to R Jadeja, 1 run, And a bit of confusion there! Run Out! Jadeja goes! Bit of wait here after Ishan Kishan scampers for the second and a brilliant throw from long on by Negi does Jadeja in as he fails to make ground while Kishan makes it in to the other end comfortably. Jadeja the man out , R Jadeja run out (K Jadhav / P Negi) 23(22) [4s-2] [6s-0]
17.3 T Head to I Kishan, 1 run, pulled to long on
17.2 T Head to I Kishan, SIX, and picks that one up beautifully! On one knee and slogged to deep midwicket! SIX
17.1 T Head to R Jadeja, 1 run, pitched up and slapped to deep extra cover!
Scorer: Vinay Commentator: Aharon Abhishek