21st Match | 19th April 2017 | Indian Premier League 2017
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad, India

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 15 runs

Target: 192
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Here's the report for the match.

Williamson Dhawan lift Hyderabad to second

Chasing 192 Iyer and Samson make a fight of it but Kaul Bhuvneshwar hold nerve to wrap up 15 run win

Kane Williamson: Sitting on the bench, the guys have done a fantastic job thus far,so fortunate to get a game. It was very good surface, and it was very important to get a good score at the start. A lot of credit at how the bowlers bowled, at the death. The guys who came in and smacked it at the end provided the icing on the cake to get us over 180. I was just trying to play the situation. With the power players like Yuvi and Ojha coming in, you look to up the tempo. It is nice to have guys performing. Our fielding has improved, something we focus on every game. A little niggle (on his injury), but probably not going to do too much damage hopefully.
David Warner: It was an outstanding performance by the guys. Kane was just fantastic, he and Shikhar gave a great platform for the guys. it is really great, the number of people we have someone is going to miss out. We are all looking to put our best foot forward each time we are out there. We always knew that when we bat first we need 170+ and Kane played with a nice easy tempo, so did Shikhar. During the timeout we just thinking whether to give the youngster (Siraj) the ball or Yuvi to change it around a little bit. But the youngster was excellent, we backed him and he delivered. It was an exceptional final over by Kaul, and Bhuvi like always was all class. A little bit sore (on his injury). I hurt my rib cage while diving for the ball.
Player of the match - Kane Williamson
Zaheer Khan: I felt it was a decent total to chase. That last over is going to haunt me for sure. Buvi was just fanstastic, the lengths that is he bowling he is in complete command. We could have chased this, I felt. These things happen in cricket (Karun air run-out), no complaints there. On the whole the morale of the team is really good. We just need to get on a winning role, and that is very crucial for us in the tournament.
A complete performance by the Sunrisers Hyderabad bowling unit, and with that they have moved into second place in the points table. 191 was always going to be tough, but Delhi did give it a decent fight. They were going great guns, courtesy Sanju Samson and Karun Nair, but that one over by Yuvraj Singh changed the coyrse of the match completely. Nair got run out, and then Rishabh Pant was dismissed first ball to give Hyderabad the opening.
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 15 runs
DD - 176/5 (20.0 overs)
8 Runs
C Morris : 0(0) S Iyer : 50(31)
S Kaul : 4-0-32-1 B Kumar : 4-0-29-0
S Iyer: 50* (31) [4s-5] [6s-2]
19.6 S Kaul to S Iyer, 1 run, Done and Dusted! That is an excellent over by Kaul. Fuller outside the off stump, Iyer can only hit it away to long off for a single. And Hyderabad win by 15 runs.
Chris Morris is the new man in.
19.5 S Kaul to A Mathews, OUT, GONE! Slower ball, Mathews comes down the track and looks to smash it over cow corner, doesn't get hold of it at all, and Jordan at long on completes a simple catch. A Mathews c C Jordan(sub) b S Kaul 31(23) [4s-2] [6s-1]
19.4 S Kaul to A Mathews, no run, And again! Superb calmness by the bowler. Another yorker, Mathews looks to swipe it away, doesn't get close. Stifle appeal for caught behind. Not given.
19.3 S Kaul to A Mathews, no run, Oh what a Ball, pinpoint yorker on off, he can only dig it back to the bowler.
19.2 S Kaul to A Mathews, SIX, BANG! Full toss, and Mathews has dipatched that over deep mid wicket for a six. Pressure, Pressure!
19.1 S Kaul to S Iyer, 1 run, low full toss on middle stump, Iyer misses out, could get it to deep square leg only for a single
DD - 168/4 (19.0 overs)
10 Runs
A Mathews : 25(19) S Iyer : 48(29)
B Kumar : 4-0-29-0 S Kaul : 3-0-24-0
18.6 B Kumar to S Iyer, 1 run, short,outside the off stump, he cuts it pver point for a run.
18.5 B Kumar to S Iyer, FOUR, Oh that doesn't deserve that! Pinpoint yorker on off stump, Iyer opens the face of the bat and guide it past short third man for a boundary.
18.4 B Kumar to A Mathews, 1 run, low full toss, Mathews heaves it past square leg, where Henriques speeds across and keeps it down to a single. What fielding this by the allrounder.
18.3 B Kumar to S Iyer, 1 bye, Slower length ball outside the off stump. Mathews misses out as he look to guide it past point, but the keeper misfields it as well, and they take bye.
18.2 B Kumar to A Mathews, 1 run, In the blockhole, yet again, Mathews pushes it to covers for a run.
18.1 B Kumar to A Mathews, 2 runs, In the slot, and Mathews has missed out there. looked to hit it too hard, ended up heaving it to deep midwicket for a couple.
DD - 158/4 (18.0 overs)
13 Runs
S Iyer : 43(26) A Mathews : 21(16)
S Kaul : 3-0-24-0 B Kumar : 3-0-20-0
5th Wicket: 53 runs in 29 balls (Angelo Mathews 21*, Shreyas Iyer 31*)
17.6 S Kaul to S Iyer, FOUR, misses his mark finally, ends up bowling a full toss on leg stump, Iyer flicks it to deep square leg for a boundary. 34 required from 12 balls.
17.5 S Kaul to A Mathews, 1 run, brilliant comeback by Kaul, another attempted yorker, hit to long on for a single
17.4 S Kaul to A Mathews, 2 runs, excellent bowling this, another yorker on middle and leg, Mathews dugs it to long on, they complete two this time
17.3 S Kaul to S Iyer, 1 run, goes for aanother yorker, ends up bowling a low full toss on leg stump, hit to deep mid-wicket, cold have been two, but they setttle for one
DD 150/4 (17.2 ovs)
Scorer: Vinay Commentator: Ashish Pant