22nd Match | 20th April 2017 | Indian Premier League 2017
Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore, India

Mumbai Indians won by 8 wickets

Target: 199
Instead of boring you with more from Twitter, here's our final report. Himanish Bhattacharjee had that out in good time. So while you try and digest all that has happened, I'll sign off and get some sleep. As you can imagine, my fingers are sore. Good night. See you soon.

Mumbai muscle puts Amla ton in the shade

Rohits men return to the top with resounding eight wicket win as Punjabs 198 for 4 proves way inadequate

Meanwhile, R Ashwin's life is a "void".
That's not entirely fair. The bowlers have been getting quite a bit of assitance elsewhere. Batsmen have a go at one ground and the protests are back? Tsk, tsk.
Neither can we.
Well, he is right.
JOS BUTTLER: I found really good touch in the tournament. Nice to put in a contribution. Striking the ball is fun. It’s a small ground. Luckily we won the toss. We got off to a good start and we carried momentum through. Today, chasing this total was fun because I had all the luxury to just go after them and not worry too much. I tried too hard before. Today I could relax and play my shots.
ROHIT SHARMA: Firstly, this was an incredible game to be a part of. Something that reminded me of 2014 where we chased 195 (190) against (Rajasthan) Royals. We gave ourselves a chance to play our shots. Hashim Amla played one of the finest innings ever played. When we came back we knew the ground is small and that we have the batters to do it. We got 82 in the first six. The way Jos (Buttler) and Parthiv (Patel) batted was brilliant. That’s the kind of fire power we have. Parthiv’s cameo was brilliant. (On Parthiv): He’s coming off a great domestic season and he has taking that confidence through to IPL. That’s the job we need done from our openers. (On bowling): It’s not a worry. It’s something which we need to look into. We should give them some time. It’s only about getting those wickets. It’s a lot of pressure on them but we’re backing them. They will come good. (On winning run): It’s just the first half of the tournament. The second half is crucial. You have to stay on the money and you can’t lose momentum. Good thing we have done is focus on one opposition at a time. We’ll focus on the next game in Mumbai. Been a good run. Hope we continue.
Player of the match - Jos Buttler
Mumbai Indians won by 8 wickets
Hashim Amla must be wondering what more he can do to have Punjab win. He scored a century and guided them to a big total. Buttler and Parthiv started with some heavy hitting at the top. They didn't wait for the late charge. They went right at them and it worked off. They scored 82 in the power play. Once that was out of the way, Rana came in and continued to belt them around, scoring his fourth half-century in four innings. For his part, Hardik Pandya came up the order and finished the game in quick time. Mumbai are handsomly on top of the table with five wins from six games. They're making all this seem pretty elementary. Anyway, it's time for the presentation now.
GLENN MAXWELL: They were pretty favourable for batting. I thought 198 was a good score. We just let our chances slip. Hashim Amla is a positive. The way Marsh hit it too was great. Plenty of positives on the batting side. Rough night for the bowlers. We just have to make sure we take every catch. They’re costing us at the moment. Buttler was outstanding.
Mumbai have won by eight wickets with 27 balls to spare in pursuit of 199. That's a shellacking.
15.3 M Sharma to N Rana, SIX, and that is that! Slower short ball from Mohit and Rana latches onto that pull. He pulls it over the fine leg fence. 277 runs combined in boundaries. There were so many boundaries, it became boring after a point.
15.2 M Sharma to N Rana, 2 runs, slower ball on the off stump. Rana waits on it and hits through the line to extra cover.
15.1 M Sharma to N Rana, no run, Amla misses an easy chance there. Rana bunts that to point and Hardik’s in a hurry. He’s half-way down the track and Amla has all the time to take down the stumps but he misses.
MI - 191/2 (15.0 overs)
21 Runs
H Pandya : 15(5) N Rana : 54(31)
I Sharma : 4-0-58-0 M Sharma : 2.1-0-21-1
14.6 I Sharma to H Pandya, FOUR, low full tosses are racing to the fence these days. This is an absolute rollicking. He stood deep in his crease and just drove through the line to beat the long on fielder. Like a time-out is needed at this point, but well.
14.5 I Sharma to H Pandya, FOUR, this is a full toss on the off stump and it has been belted over cover and to the fence. He didn’t quite middle but a little too late in the game to worry about that.
14.4 I Sharma to H Pandya, SIX, that’s just demeaning. Hardik picks the slower ball and slaps it deep into the long on stand. 87 metres apparently. That looked like it went further.
14.3 I Sharma to N Rana, 1 run, another one in the blockhole. Rana digs that out towards cover and sets off for a single.
14.2 I Sharma to N Rana, no run, in the blockhole and it’s dug out to mid off. He turns down the single.
14.1 I Sharma to N Rana, SIX, how in the world? Oh well. Rana goes for the heave and he has topped edged that to the third man fence. That’s another half-century for this youngster.
Ishant Sharma comes into the attack.
MI - 170/2 (14.0 overs)
4 Runs
H Pandya : 1(2) N Rana : 47(28)
M Sharma : 2.1-0-21-1 S Sharma : 3-0-39-0
13.6 M Sharma to H Pandya, no run,
13.5 M Sharma to N Rana, 1 run, drives a length ball on off to long off
13.4 M Sharma to H Pandya, 1 run, back of length, steered down to third man
13.3 M Sharma to N Rana, 1 run, slower ball outside off, driven to deep backward point
13.2 M Sharma to N Rana, no run, length on off, pushed to point
13.2 M Sharma to N Rana, WIDE, short, pitched outside leg, wide called by the umpire
13.1 M Sharma to N Rana, no run, clips the thigh on the way to the keeper
Scorer: Shashwat Rao Commentator: Roshan Thyagarajan