23rd Match | 21st April 2017 | Indian Premier League 2017
Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India

Gujarat Lions won by 4 wickets

Target: 188

Magnificent Raina leads Gujarat revival

Captains 84 seals steep chase against Kolkata to give his team a crucial win

Suresh Raina (MoM): It was an important game for us, do-or-die I would say and it was a good wicket. It was a good bowling comeback by us and we batted really well. Myself, Finchy, Baz and Jaddu. Nothing special, it was about staying in till the end. It was always team work. Taking Uthappa out at the right time was crucial for us. The idea was to not lose my wicket, no matter what. I think the batting has clicked for us, we can definitely improve our bowling and control the runs that we give in the initial six overs. But it's good, the way I am hitting the ball.
Player of the match - Suresh Raina
Gautam Gambhir: I thought we batted very well, but the Lions are a batting-heavy side. I thought we had enough runs, but the way Finchy and McCullum batted, the middle order didn't face much pressure. The ground was pretty much dry but as I said Raina batted well and it's good to see him get the runs, not against us though. We have a lot of positives to take from this game.
And the fortress has been breached! The Lions have managed to tame the knights by four wickets. A cloudburst may have interrupted the game, but it did Raina'd sixes as he led the from the front to hand Gujarat a much-needed win to raise them from the lower rung and put them in seventh. McCullum laid the platform at the start and is now the Orange cap holder. Presentation coming up in a bit.
Gujarat Lions won by 4 wickets
18.2 N Coulter-Nile to R Jadeja, FOUR, and chopped for four! beats the man hovering at deep backward point and races off to the fence!
18.1 N Coulter-Nile to J Faulkner, 1 run, full and on the off and nudged to third man for one
Nathan Coulter-Nile arrives at the crease.
GL - 183/6 (18.0 overs)
12 Runs
R Jadeja : 15(12) J Faulkner : 3(1)
K Yadav : 4-0-33-2 S Narine : 4-0-42-0
17.6 K Yadav to J Faulkner, 3 runs, full and on the pads and tucks it to fine leg for three! Close call there for a run out and Jadeja makes it in easily!
James Faulkner comes to the crease.
17.5 K Yadav to S Raina, OUT, and bounce does the man in! Tries to clear the man at cover point but finds Pandey diving full tilt to his left and completes the catch! Raina goes aftera wel-made 84! S Raina c M Pandey b K Yadav 84(46) [4s-9] [6s-4]
17.4 K Yadav to S Raina, SIX, deep mid-wicket,
17.3 K Yadav to R Jadeja, 1 run, long on,
17.2 K Yadav to S Raina, 1 run, tossed up and driven to extra cover
17.1 K Yadav to R Jadeja, 1 run, pitched up and Jadeja punches it to long on for one
Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack.
GL - 171/5 (17.0 overs)
16 Runs
S Raina : 77(43) R Jadeja : 13(10)
N Coulter-Nile : 3-0-36-2 K Yadav : 3-0-21-1
16.6 N Coulter-Nile to R Jadeja, 1 run, full and straight and chipped to extra cover for a quick single
16.5 N Coulter-Nile to S Raina, 1 run, full and straight and steered to third man for one
16.4 N Coulter-Nile to S Raina, SIX, and boom! This was lofted and clealy hit over deep mid-wicket! off a full length again! 14 off the over already!
16.3 N Coulter-Nile to S Raina, FOUR, full and wide and a deft touch to deep backward point as the ball races away for four!
16.2 N Coulter-Nile to S Raina, no run, full and straight as Raina swings and misses
16.1 N Coulter-Nile to S Raina, FOUR, full and straight and smacks it down the ground at long off for a four!
Nathan Coulter-Nile comes into the attack.
GL - 155/5 (16.0 overs)
9 Runs
R Jadeja : 12(9) S Raina : 62(38)
S Narine : 4-0-42-0 U Yadav : 2-0-17-1
15.6 S Narine to R Jadeja, 2 runs, tossed up and slapped away to deep mid-wicket for a couple
GL 153/5 (15.5 ovs)
15.5 S Narine to R Jadeja, SIX, and skied! Heart in the throat moment and Suryakumar Yadav takes the catch at long on and tries to do a David Hussey! But his shoe touches the ropes and he signals six himself! Much needed six!
15.4 S Narine to R Jadeja, no run, flatter and fired in this time as Jadeja hits back to the bowler
Scorer: Vinay Commentator: Aharon Abhishek