Mahela Jayawardene

The Dhoni-Chepauk love affair

The Dhoni-Chepauk love affair

Accolades for Sindhu, birthday wishes for Ashwin, Duminy's promise, Jayawadene is perplexed, and more read more

Kumble strict? Never thought so, says Saha

PRINT RUN: Duleep Trophy missing from BCCI calendar, Cook’s masterclass, Delhi Daredevils want Gillespie as coach, and more

සුනාමියෙන් බේරී ටෙස්ට් කණ්ඩායමේ නායකත්වය දක්වා - චන්දිමාල්ගේ දුෂ්කර ගමන්මග පිළිබඳ කතාව

අතීතයේදි ඔහු මුහුණ දුන් භියකරු සිදුවීම් අනෙක් ක්‍රීඩකයන්ගේ ගැටලු හඳුනා ගැනීමට අවස්ථාවක් බවට පත්ව තිබේ. ඒ වගේම ඔහු විශ්වාස කරන්නේ එය ඔහුට අනාගතයේදී ශක්තිමත් නායකයෙකු වීමටද උපකාර කරනු ඇති බවයි.

Yuvraj – the only man to beat Bolt

James Anderson's awkward handshake, a follow-back for Brad Hodge, Monty Panesar's dilemma, and more.

The war Down Under comes to an end

Pujara leads Indian dominance in Colombo, a legend visits the Pathan household, Bresnan’s Celine Dion connect, and more

Skywalking over #MondayBlues

Elgar's gutsy knock, Kohli's important message, Gul tries to be meta, Warne gets rid of his beard, and more

No subtitles, please: Pradeep's delight and Inzamam's quips are lost in translation

A majority of Asian players are less at home in English and more in their mother tongues, but therein lies the charm

Can’t be in a state of transition forever, says Jayasuriya

Former captain explains rationale behind choosing a successor for Angelo Mathews, offers views on where Sri Lanka cricket stands today

Zimbabwe's shot at history

Travel day for Ashwin, Harbhajan and Jayawardene, England's batting collapses, KP is back at The Oval, and more

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